We had envisioned an operational system that will result in faster lines in the polling places.

We had envisioned an operational system that will result in faster lines in the polling places.

We wanted system that will result in reduced lines at the polling places. Reverting to paper that is hand-marked been proven to cut back wait time for voters. South Carolina’s wait times tend to be one of the worst into the country, and sticking to a digital system is prone to make certain that long lines carry on being the norm.

We had hoped for a system that provided ballots that are voter-verifiable. With all the brand new system, the election authorities should be able to give an analytical verification associated with outcomes, but voters will never be able to ensure their ballot alternatives would be counted on the printed paper as they see them.

We wanted system which had inside it very little computer computer computer software as you possibly can. The seller associated with the present system has twice been struggling to compose computer computer pc software without some mistakes which have resulted in votes being uncounted or miscounted. The newest system utilizes the exact same vendor given that current system, and we’ll perhaps perhaps perhaps not understand for quite a while (when) if they have discovered how exactly to compose software that is correct.

We had envisioned a method with only a small amount electronic equipment as feasible, due to the fact upkeep expense for that equipment is a substantial burden in the counties. Richland County, for instance, was spending a lot more than $100,000 per in hardware maintenance costs year. We have no idea yet exactly just what the brand new costs will likely be, but this burden from the counties will still be a challenge and certainly will just just take money far from other essential election requirements.

We had envisioned an operational system that would not need the acquisition afroromance london of some 13,500 voting computer systems. That cash might have been spent to enhance poll worker training, polling spot access, location, and accessibility, and a much better general experience for sc voters. Rather, those funds is going to be unavailable for the basic purposes of increasing elections.

We had hoped that sc voters could expect a significantly better system, and therefore a significantly better election experience. Since a voting system features a projected lifespan of fifteen years, it would appear that fulfilling that expectation might need to wait until 2034. Christe McCoy-Lawrence of Holly Hill is co-president of this League of Women Voters of sc.

Keep Santee Cooper an utility that is publicly-owned

No body could argue with Mr. Brogdon ;s statement that the restructured Santee Cooper is within the interest that is best of its customers and our state. General Public energy organizations haven’t any motivation to store since they earn more money by selling more, whereas an utility that is public have the attention of those. In addition, the personal businesses are on it for the investors and investment. They don ;t take into account the residents, specially perhaps perhaps not the citizens that are low-income. The prices are set according to price of assets.

Issued there are lots of downsides to publicly owned resources, but imaginative practices can be employed to deal with infrastructure expenses to help keep prices down. Sc would excel to adhere to the 100 year example that is old of and keep Santee Cooper a publicly owned system that could provide participation for the community in choice making alternatively of permitting outside corporations to utilize us to earn money that might be removed from their state and wouldn’t normally gain individuals of Sc.

On a liberal arts training

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