José Andrés Tarifa Pardo

Jose Andres Tarifa Pardo

José Andrés Tarifa Pardo
Singer-songwriter, Born in Viadana on 30 July 1991 and living in Belforte di Gazzuolo

Growing up listening to the music of Italian songwriters (from Buscaglione and Gaber to Bennato and Capossela) he began to sing at village parties and in musicals staged by the parish group.
At 14 he began studying singing with the teacher Silvana Vergazzini, which led him to grow artistically and technically.
He meets Maestro Filippo Lui, from whom he takes piano lessons and subsequently comes into contact with the world of Crystal Music. With the Maestro, convinced of Andrés’s potential, an artistic collaboration was born that led to the production of the songs at the Crystal World Studios. The resulting music has an original slot resmi and multifaceted character, scenic, highly evocative,
In addition to singing, Andrés approaches the theater, starting to take courses with Anticorpi Teatro, Francesca Mazza, collaborating with the Teatro Magro and joining the Vecchio Borgo association.
This approach leads him to have a different and personal vision in writing the texts and their interpretation.
This can be seen from the first unpublished, where music and words blend, leaving room for the imagination of the public.
The first unpublished, “La Sagra del Buio”, represents a depiction of Dante’s Hell visit
This song, presented at the Saint Vincent Festival (8 June 2013) obtains the Critics ‘Award in the Unpublished category and subsequently wins the Critics’ Award and the Scenic Presence Award at the Under the Stars Competition (Cisternino – BR – 28 July 2013), as well as who received positive reviews from musicians and producers in various national competitions (Music Village in Sestriere and Video Festival Live Cattolica)
In August 2013 Andrés participated in the La Gondola d’Oro competition at the Lido of Venice, finishing in the finals with the second unreleased song entitled “I want the opinion slot gacor of the Incas!”.
In the summer of 2014 the collaboration with the Walking Cone group and the pianist and songwriter Stefano Farì was born, also artists of the Crystal Music stable.
Alongside this line-up also the Endless Vacation drummer (tribue band Ramones) Davide Sarzi Sartori and the voices of Enrica Monister and Valentina and Emanuele Sbarbaro.
On April 26 the first CD “La Sagra Del Buio” is released, produced by Filippo Lui’s Crystal World Music Production.
For the summer there are plans to make some video clips with the director friend Luca Caruso.
Soon new dates and lots of fun.
The relationship with volunteering is also strong, so much so that Andrés has participated in numerous charity events organized by Abeo Mantova:
– Pro-earthquake evening in Campitello (MN) organized by ABEO

– Charity evening at the Bibiena Theater (MN) organized by IOM and ABEO
– Pro-Flooding Evening in Pisa.

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José Andrés Tarifa Pardo